Please feel free to take some time and listen to our testimonials.  Here, Valerie talks about how Calming Clothing for Kids has helped her son Billy.

Livian talks about how Calming Clothing for Kids has helped her child in more ways than one.

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“My other family received their shirts, thank you. That was their second order, they have had wonderful success with the clothing. Their little fellow refuses to go to school without them on under his school uniform. [Teachers at] the school notice the difference in his behavior when he isn’t wearing them!”
— Terri Ahrens, Occupational Therapist, Tannum Sands Qld.
Thanks team @ The Brainary.
I’ve been searching for a solution to help my highly anxious son (with both ASD & SPD) emotionally regulate. After trialling the full sleeve shirt with good results, I purchased the pants to match. I’m pleased to say, since wearing his full body ‘special powers’ suit, we have noticed a significant difference, both at Kinder and home. So much so, he is now reluctant to take off and after OT consultation, have been advised to leave on – where possible, day and night. Because of the black colour – we can usually blend in amongst everyday clothes, plus, unlike the majority of other calming clothing garments on the market, it’s primarily made from a natural breathable fabric, cotton = one happy mum.
— C. Smith. Melbourne