frequently asked questions.


Q: what is the best way to
work out the CLOTHING sizing?

A: Please refer to our sizing chart and measurements in the store or visit the sizing page.  For best results we do recommend a correct fit - the clothes are designed to fit your child snuggly, though not tight. This will provide your child with a feeling of security and body awareness, which in turn creates a calming effect. For best results, measure your child.  If you are unsure, please email us and we will be able to help you. 

Q: What is the fabric made of?

A:  Calming Clothing is made from an easy-care premium quality combed cotton and Lycra blend. The cotton is soft and it breaths and absorbs moisture for the comfort. All clothing types are machine washable on gentle cycle.

Q: Where Can I find more information about sensory processing disorder?

A: Please visit the SPD Foundation Website.  The Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation (U.S) is an excellent source of information and research outcomes.